Feather Children

Each Feather Children Headpiece is unique and individually handcrafted. Inspired by nature and the need to escape reality for a while and run wild and free.

Feather Children designs are stocked in Pigeonhole Store in Perth City. For custom orders email featherchildren@gmail.com

You can now buy online at featherchildrenlove.etsy.com

Peace and love,
Feather children

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Big Day Out

Lisa Mitchell wearing a custom Feather Children Headpiece and my self back stage at Big Day Out. Fun times with the most adorable singer i know!


  1. oh WOW amazing. i didnt see her at BDO she was on quite early boo

  2. aw I had forgotton to check your updated bloggetty. yay yay yay what a cute pic!


  3. feather children you are awesome, you create the most feathery and wonderful headpieces i have ever seen.
    peace & love!