Feather Children

Each Feather Children Headpiece is unique and individually handcrafted. Inspired by nature and the need to escape reality for a while and run wild and free.

Feather Children designs are stocked in Pigeonhole Store in Perth City. For custom orders email featherchildren@gmail.com

You can now buy online at featherchildrenlove.etsy.com

Peace and love,
Feather children

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


There are some new designs up, also if you are in Perth you can purchase these tribal delights from Pigeonhole in Shafto lane.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So far...

Witch Doctor

Autumn Ride

Black leather

Silver Leaf

White Magic

Indian Summer

By the sea side

Sun Child

Feather Child begins...

Now i don't want you to be mistaken from the title of this blog that this blog is about children made out of feathers or feathers made out of children...it is neither of these things but it is in fact a sort of gallery of all my designs. I am setting up an etsy store in which you will be able to purchase these feathered delights. All of these are hand made by my self, hours and hours of beading, magic and love go into every piece so if you think you would like to wear one around on your head and pretend you are a bird or an Indian or mr feather head then shoot me an email at featherchildren@gmail.com and i shall let you know when the etsy store is coming up. I am always making new designs so keep your eyes peeled but if that hurts too much then just keep checking this page every few days...